Magicals Lights

Photoshoot with led lights at nightfall. Creating magical portraits, with bokeh, shadows and lights. The idea is to create photos that make us dream, leave our reality and inspire us. There is a set of colors, lights and accessories (like lenses) that make the scene look a little fantastic and that’s just what I’m looking for.

I have always liked the bokeh and the game of darkness and light. I am a lover of portraits so I combined ideas. As for editing I like to create scenes that are a little freakish, with flashy colors but do not clash with the concept so much.

First I touched up the basics in Adobe Lightroom, then I went to Photoshop and removed some distractions in the background, darkened the background as well and brightened his face, then I started to do a bit of ‘contouring’ on his face to highlight his features. Color editing worked with ‘selective color’, I moved the curves to soften the blacks and remove excessive glare from the targets.

He had good feedback more than anything in instagram, I feel very satisfied and want to do more portraits of this type with new ideas. I learned a lot in the technical part, because I do not usually do portraits at night, it was a very fun and learning experience.

You can continue my work in instagram @minandatenias

Minanda Tenías

Photographer by passion / Barista in process / Curious by birth / since 1995.