Magnétisme by Camille Campeau

Walking, why are we walking in a direction or an other? This book stands as an exploration on the connection between our spirit and the nature. This book is a quest for the sublime, a natural appeal. A path is drawn as we walk for you to walk through this book. Read on and enjoy!

The challenge was to successfully communicate the feeling of immensity and meditation that we have when looking at the sea, the feeling of greatness and emptiness facing mountains, but without being there.

– Camille Campeau




I’ve work about 5 months to create this book; artistic direction, photography, design graphic, and binding.
Started with the subject of space, I’ve explore the experience of the sublime and decided to create an object that will create an immersive experience and make us travel.

– Camille Campeau





I used poetry from Michaux to express the evolution of the mind. You can see threw this book the composition and recomposition of his verses, as a metaphor of our soul being built as we move forward. The challenge was to successfully communicate the meditative feeling of immensity, the emptiness and greatness that we have when looking at the sea, or facing mountains, but without being there. This book is made from a selection of my own photographies mixed with scans and quotes from Thoreau’s and Kerouac’s books in order to create a journey of it.

– Camille Campeau





About Camille Campeau

Camille Campeau just got her Bachelor degree in Graphic Design from the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQÀM). Currently working as a freelance Graphic design and independant artist, her main interests are edition, illustration, branding, screen printing and animation. Her work is characterized by creativity and sensibility. You can find out more on her behance profile or website. You can find more of her works on her Behance profile or website.