Major Care (Cardiovascular Valves Supplies Company) Identity

Major care is a company in Egypt Specialized in medical supplies (Heart valves & vascular ) the owner reached me to design their identity the client wanted a simple logo but in the same time show the company concept
and what they offer

First i thought about the concept of healthy heart and healthy body and the colors that related to them for me it was blue and green
i choose the body to be green to promote healthy body concept
and i choose the heart to be blue that means the danger is gone and now the heart is safe….

I used Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop
I created Major care logo in Adobe Illustrator then I started to work on the ( business card – letter head )
on Adobe Photoshop and i used mockups to show how it will look in real and after printing

The project got a lot of attention and comments from different people the owner was more than happy with it …. this project specifically is so important to me because it got a lot of attention from people and from your websit and it means alto to me

Salwa Abo-elenen

Hi I’m Salwa Abo-elenen I’m a graphic designer from Alexandria , Egypt
i Studied Accounting & Finance at Faculty of Commerce, Alexandria University
but it wasn’t my passion so i applied for a Graphic Diploma and i studied graphic for two years and i trained for 2 years
i begin working from 2015 as a Freelance graphic designer till now and
i will continue learing Because it is my passion …..