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Paola Sanchez
June 28, 2016
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"Manzanitas" means little apples in spanish, but Manzanitas is also a new food brand made of purely colombian apples designed specially to change the way we snack between meals.

In Colombia we love snacking, we eat all the time, but sometimes, those snacks are not that healthy, so, Daniel Díaz - the owner of the brand - came up with the idea of producing tasty and crunchy apple chips from local apples to give a healthy and sustainable twist to the way we snack. He wants us to change a bag of potato chips for a bag of manzanitas when we are craving for food!

Taking this premise as an starting point, our challenge was to represent the concept of the brand: the mix between local, sustainable and healthy in a serie of pictures showing the product, the packaging and the apples that have grown naturally to give us the healthiest snack!

We wanted to play with textures that represent the country side where the apples grown, but also, we wanted the composition to be very clean, not as purely white gym and fitness clean, but a chic country side clean, so we choose light wood as the main background and we completed the composition playing with the product itself.

The composition guide line was given by the different stages for an apple to become a "manzanita".

The key light we pick was warm and diffuse.

To take the pictures we used:
A Canon 6D with Canon EF 24 - 105 mm, Elinchrome soft box (x2), Canon Camera Connect app and photoshop to finish the pictures.
As additional features we used around 60 apples and many manzanitas bags

Apparently... we nailed it!
Manzanitas is doing very well, it is selling the product in a lot of stores here in Bogotá; for us, it is cool to see our pictures around social media. we believe that everything is about hard and organised work!

Follow us, we are constantly playing with food - in a good way, of course! -


Paola Sanchez

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