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Alexandre Boucher
February 14, 2017
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The Hebrew name means the source of light. The shape of the copper shell of this lamp houses a ring of light. It looks like a torus or a donut for the greedy ones. This shape creates surprising reflections, the environment deforms in these reflections. They are concentrated in the center of the torus. All other light sources are then concentrated in the core of the toroid.

I was asked to design a table lamp for a french gallery (Gallerie Room in Paris).
And I was waiting the occasion to use copper in a new project. For the shape, I saw a wonderful cake published on instagram and the inspiration is coming...

For all my projects, I start to draw. I still have many drawings to be concretized and every day all the opportunities are good for new ideas. Then, I use Rhino 3D to find the right proportions. V-Ray and Photoshop are used to get nice images. At the same time, I make mock-up to help me.

It was really appreciated by professionnals, friends, etc... But finally, the gallery won't produce it. The manufacturing cost was higher than their budget. So, we decided to work on another project. And this lamp is now free to be edited by another one.

Alexandre Boucher

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