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Carina Garzón
June 15, 2017
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I was asked in one of my college classes to design and create a package for marble balls for a specific market, which was the upper class, so I decided to use a minimalist style to make it look sophisticated, clean, and contemporary. To get these results, I used concrete for the primary packaging, and wood for the lids as well for the secondary packaging. Each piece was handmade.

First I had to play with different materials such as wire, cement, acrylic, resin, cardboard, and paper. After that I decided that the best material for this project was cement and wood because the combination of both would make it look sophisticated, minimalist, and expensive, which was the main goal of the project.
Then I chose the shape of the primary packaging which is a diamond shape, I chose it because it´s original and it attracts attention.

Every piece was handmade. Since I chose a diamond as the shape for the three primary packagings, I had to create a template with cardboard, then I covered both sides of the template with masking tape so that when I voided the cement in the template, it did not absorb humidity of the cement mixture. After I voided the cement I left all pieces dry outdoors for 12 hours and when they were totally dried, I took them out of the cardboard template and sanded the upper borders to match them.
Finally, since I don´t have tools nor experience to work with wood, I showed to a carpenter my design of the secondary packaging and the lids, and asked him to make them for me.
I used Ilustrator to design the logo and the labels of the packagings and printed in clipping vinyl and transparent adhesive.

The people I showed my work really liked it and said that they would definitely buy it. Some of them gave me ideas of other use for the packagings such as ashtrays, and to keep jewelry.
My biggest learning after this project was to be patient, and if something does´t goes the way I though, I should´t stop trying.

Carina Garzón

Graphic Design Student from Monterrey, Mexico.

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