Mario Kush

When I was a child, I liked the Nintendo, especially Mario Bros for their dexterity skills, I always ask myself where he gets much motivation not just to rescue the queen but also finishing the levels with many stars.
Marijuana is a natural herb that which occasionally relaxes yourself and make you start again with more courage. I asked myself why I cannot do it with a little grass, natural smiling and showing that it can start again. This is how Mario was born in Kush.

The skill and excitement when playing Mario Bros in the company of an herb gives joy.
The stroke style is something that characterizes me “not perfect” lines and some clutter to generate volume, the colors are the characters, so use the same colors and perform in computer. It is a format that allows to work in a proper way. Others may say that this stems from scratch to sketch.

In the beginning, I performed a sketching on a pad, then used Adobe Photoshop for designing and integrating my design. Then, continued with steps delineate and correguir some lines from the sketch. Secondly, I selected the colors that I will be using depending on the character and objects that I will use. In addition, I also started with the volume placing, lights and shadows that supports the lines. Finally, coloring the design, the characters, put a logo that also was created from scratch, leaning on colors and thematic Mario and Kush.

Everyone doesn’t like the marijuana for its negative effects when abused, yes it is addictive, but, not everyone knows that it is also a herb that can cure some ailments.
Some people have good comments on my project, and I am very thankful for them. Also I appreciated some people that have good and bad compliments about my work. I also learned that I can improve more by reading and learning from them.

I am not that good in English, but I hope you can understand what I want to share with you. I am not considering myself as an artist or graphic designer for a living, but I will try to improve on my field in drawing.

Antonio Florian Romero

I am Graphic Designer and Cartooning. I live in Lima-Perú and I have a twenty three years old.