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Mars Rover

Mars Rover

Evgeny Berlin
February 14, 2019
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We want to create a future scenario for the mars mission in the 2035. In this project we designed a detailed model of a mars rover including the interior and a hangar the rover is standing in. The goal was to create a realisticly appearing scenario using the newest technology for the equipment of the rover.

The original task of our semester was to create an autonomous seating concept for a vehicle. We quickly decided, that we want to take a step further and create a whole enviroment for an altenative mars mission. We invested a very high amount of detail in every object. This came in use, when we presented the project in Virtual Reality.

We begann our design process, using sketches to outline the whole scenario. After we had a general idea of the project we begann to create the design in Blender3d. This programm is very flexible, so we quickly could build up several form ideas and later on create a high amount of detail on top of it. Additionaly we animated the seats and the rover´s rear door in Blender.
The implementation in Virtual Reality was done, using Unreal Engine 4.

We presented our VR project at the exhibition of our university. For the most visitors the experience using a VR glasses was completely outstanding. We are used to see new design on a screen. Walking in a VR enviroment gives you the chance of observing the project in it´s real life scale. That creates a far more impressive appearance.

Evgeny Berlin

Industrial Design Student

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