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Marudesha: Royal Packaging of Rajasthan

Marudesha: Royal Packaging of Rajasthan

Pritam Kolage
January 19, 2018
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Project's aim was to design packaging by considering the concept of Indian Wrapping techniques. Leather products of Rajasthan are very famous for their amazing craft work all over India. So I decided to design an interactive combo set for leather products(wallet and keychain).
UNIQUENESS - Outer shape around the logo was inspired from the architecture of Rajasthan which is influenced from Mughal art. Opening gives you the feel of entering from the doors of a royal palace of Rajasthan. Design on outer flaps is called as Mandana Art. It is mostly painted/handcrafted on the doors of houses in Rajasthan.

Rajasthan is the 'Land of kings'. They ruled over the city, people, finance and their palace. In today's age, everyone wants to feel like a king, and that's what I decided to go ahead with. The prime focus of the packaging is based on palatial forms and colours, which directly connects to the consumer on the royal and premium level.

I used paper as a material for creating my packaging. Mandana Pattern on the outer flap made with the help of laser cutting machine. Software such as Photoshop and Illustrator are used to make the presentation.
The design process for this packaging involves research on the target audience, place(Rajasthan), market study, material study, colours etc. After that, I came up with the concepts and mockups. I took faculty guidance from my college to execute my project in a right direction and made a final prototype. After making a final Packaging, I end up doing a user research which gave me a positive response.

For people, the packaging created the whole experience of Rajasthan in such a way that the user not only gets the product but also the essence of unwrapping the royal art and craft of Rajasthan.
Yes, I got the chance to learn and enjoyed the design process and the research part involve while creating this packaging. I came to know more about the art and craft of Rajasthan and role it plays in Indian Market.

Doing a project on Packaging Design involves a lot of fun. Hope you guys like it.

Pritam Kolage

I'm Miss Pritam Kolage, 21 years old from Ratnagiri , currently in MIT Institute of Design, Pune as a 4th year (last year) Product Design learner. I love to make things look appealing and simply beautiful.

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