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MASSACHI Mens Wear by Rawan Saadeh

MASSACHI Mens Wear by Rawan Saadeh

Marianne Piano
March 11, 2016
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Our featured artist was tasked to make a brand for a top notch clothing line for men. Her branding development took a couple of months but it was all worth it because the output was what her client expected, a brand with a masculine look, elegance and class.

The project is for a client that specializes in selling topnotch clothing lines for men, suits and business casual wear mainly, through an online service website. I self initiated designing a mock up for their website and a responsive tablet size web design. The client was seeking a high end brand and an elegant overall look.

- Rawan Saadeh



It took me almost two months to fully complete the Branding guidelines and Branding Language, as well as designing the stationery and initiative mock up of the website design service. I have been sketching and working on the emblem for the longer part, as I wanted to convey the letter 'M' as much as possible, and associate a masculine look as well, just like the client requested, and was not done until I was completely satisfied!

- Rawan Saadeh




I was inspired by the tie that, for me, completes the overall look of a gentleman's suit. I think the tie is a symbol of male gentry fashion and attire. I have also associated the image of an ocean with rough clouds in the sky to give out the sense of a masculine yet beautiful Brand. The colors were inspired from the dark navy, general color of men's suits and gold is for luxury.

- Rawan Saade




I have used Adobe Illustrator as a main software, mainly to create the brand and stationery, and I have also used Adobe Photoshop to create the web design and initiate the mock ups.

- Rawan Saadeh



As an aspiring artist myself, I would advice artists and designers to keep on working on their skills set, pursue higher goals, and stay in touch with their inner, imaginative and creative self.

- Rawan Saadeh


Rawan Saadeh, a Graphic Designer and visual artist, living in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. She have been working as a Designer for six years, working on Branding projects mostly and pursuing digital design skills as well. She have had intense drawing and painting courses, which allowed her to visualize the designer career in a light and colorful way. She have a great passion for concept design, watercolor, reading and hiking!

See more of her artwork on Behance.

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