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Master Bedroom - Interior Design & visualization

Master Bedroom - Interior Design & visualization

NA Studio
February 8, 2020
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Redesigning a master bedroom to extend its functions in order to create an additional activity. This was achieved by creating a reading area with a simple shelves library and some soft seatings, while keeping the relaxing cozy feeling of a bedroom using lights, materials and simple colors touches.

The design process began with creating a mood board for the design elements and style, gathering references for furniture and color schemes following the design concept.
This phase ended by choosing a main wood texture mixed by different types of patterns, with gray textiles and fabrics and some colored elements following the main color scheme, and finally pulling in golden metal to bring special warmth and comfort to the environment.

To create the visualization, we started using Autocad software to create the room plan and its furniture layout following the design requirements.
After, we used 3D max software to build our 3D model and Vray rendering engine to complete the rendering process going through main phases which are:

Simple poly modeling techniques were used to create the interior space’s walls, floor, ceiling and any other types of moldings and details. Also importing all the required models for furniture and decorations was necessary to complete all the scene elements.

We set needed cameras into the scene, following photographic approaches. We tried to reach balanced compositions in the camera shots. Also adding depth of field effect in some cameras was helpful to simulate real world photography.

We started the lighting simulations using Vray Dome light mapped with an HDRI to perform the pleasant natural lights coming from the outside environment, also adding many artificial lights indoors to reach the required light balance for our scene.
We set an override white material so we can test the lighting results. We had to modify some of the lighting intensity and colors to reach a satisfying color balance with no overexposed area.

Various Vray materials were created using high quality JPGs, adding layers of reflections and glossiness and bump maps.
Blending some materials together helped to reach satisfying results with accurate physical properties.

Setting the final Vray render settings was the final step to get our final images renderings, also we had to extract the Vray render elements.. We mainly used refraction, reflection and specular elements in the post production phases.

The final results were very pleasing to the client. The project accomplished all the client’s requirements through creating a new range of more activities in the bedroom space with a creative design. Many opinions agreed that the materials of the design are in harmony, the colors selection was good and the color scheme is impressive.
Thank you for your time and interest. We really hope this information will help someone out there.

NA Studio

NAStudio , Egyptian Architecture studio established in 2018. Our vision combines simple with beautiful, for buildings and their interiors, while creating high quality visualizations for those designs. We are keen on reaching architecture and interior designs that encompasses user needs, and comfortability. Additionally, we assist fellow designers in visualizing their own work through professional 3D renderings.

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