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Master English by Bogan Iaremchuk

Master English by Bogan Iaremchuk

Honey Adraque
February 15, 2016
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The project is called Master English because it is devoted to the process of learning English. More specifically, Bogan Iaremchuk's task was to create a web page, containing a short but very informative test on how well one knows English. It was made for a language school Speak Up and had to motivate people to learn English.

I am from Ukraine. Here not everyone knows English language. We wanted to show that it's easy to learn it regardless of age. That's why I had to make a playful and colorful design. The main audience are people of 18-45 years and the design of the test has to give them associations with the children's books of English. The design should embody easiness of learning process and fun which you get on your way to mastering English. It is memorable and arises positive emotions.Having passed the test a person had a chance to receive a discount certificate on learning English at speak up school.

- Bogan Iaremchuk



I used Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. The prototypes of my project are biased on the children’s books of English, where there are a group of heroes who are teaching you the language. Using such a technique I wanted to show that the processes of gaining new knowledge are pretty the same for all and there is nothing scary about starting to learn at any age. The characters I used hat to associate with the one who took the test. On the one hand, he should see himself on the picture, on the other hand he should see a guide who will take him to the journey of the process. The test itself must look pleasant and inspiring, rather than a torture. And even if a person have made a lot of mistakes he should be left with a feeling of having a possibility to improve his results.

- Bogan Iaremchuk



Of course, I had challenges and issues. I had to find a style of the project, which would fit in the frames of the language school and be suitable for a large audience of different age, different status and level of education. Those people want to or have to learn English for different reasons, and my task was to show the most friendly and suitable atmosphere of the definite language school only with a short test. But after figuring out the specifics of what the concrete audience have in mind while starting something new or which doubts they have, I found the way out by appealing to their childhood memories.

- Bogan Iaremchuk


About Bogan Iaremchuk

Bogan Iaremchuk is a designer and an artist. He is doing the design for 5 years already and his main goal is quality, not quantity. He really wants to make the Ukrainian design better and make a contribution into this field as a whole. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile.

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