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Matthijs Kok Designs 3D printed Fold Lamp for Freshfiber

Matthijs Kok Designs 3D printed Fold Lamp for Freshfiber

Matthijs Kok
August 2, 2019
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The cleverly designed Fold Lamp is a simple, characterful lamp built for versatility. It combines two lamps in one; a pendant and a table lamp, according to your needs. Thanks to the vast selection of uses, the role of the Fold Lamp can change when needed: Suspend it from the ceiling as a pendant light, or place it casually on a cabinet or table by placing the pendant on its metal foot. A versatile lamp that can be used alone or grouped together in a home, office, hotel or café environment.

The Fold Lamp was inspired by Matthijs’ affection to atmospheric illumination. He wanted to create a lamp that is adjustable to its surroundings, both practical and in functionality. A lamp that stands out for its flexibility and sculptural beauty, combining delicate design with state of the art technology with carefully chosen materials of the highest quality such as nylon and steel.

The Fold Lamp features a base that allows the lampshade to rotate 360 degrees around the light source. The direction of the light can be controlled and its intensity amplified as preferred. This allows users to alter the kind of ambience that’s just right for their surroundings. The lamp creates two different types of light: one is a very strong direct light, which is highly functional. The other is indirect light that escapes between the overlapping layers of the fold, which is soft and ambient, emphasizing its elegant flowing layers. The Fold Lamp changes form depending on the rotation of the lampshade and the vantage point of the beholder. Practical, yet friendly and playful, the Fold Lamp beautifies any space looking for a contemporary touch. Designed and manufactured in Europe.

Fold Lamp

Dimensions: Ø15cm x H17cm
Materials: 3D printed in nylon, steel foot
Socket & Bulb: E14 2W 2700K Frosted LED
Cord: 2 meter, fabric covered, same color as lamp

Designed by Matthijs Kok
Manufactured in Europe

Fold Lamp is now available for purchase online via Freshfiber:

Pre orders can be placed via Freshfiber: The Fold Lamp

More info here:
Purchase link:

Matthijs Kok

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