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Maxarc Website Design by Tong Wen

Maxarc Website Design by Tong Wen

Ron Gerzon
May 27, 2016
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Tong Wen was asked to redesign the brand and website of Maxarc studio. The biggest challenge in branding was to incorporating the Studio name and the essence of architecture together. For website design, Tong Wen used vertical texts in order to achieve simple but dynamic layout. Moreover, it conveys some traditional oriental sense.

In the old days, oriental texts were always composed vertically when printed out. It turned out reading vertical texts are much faster than horizontal texts based on research. Those findings inspired me to design a vertical text menu both suitable for oriental texts and western texts. To achieve the richness and simplicity of design, whitespace is acting both separator and container of "space". Horizontal texts and multiple font types are used so that the design is not dry. Since the logo, menu and pictures are all placed inside a "box" with a margin with the browser frame, some chaos can let the work get out of the "box" to some extent. It is also fitting the spirit of branding design. The logo is a broken box.


Design does not take much time if the designer has a strong feeling what she wants. That's what I believe. After I decided on the idea, it only took me about one day to realize it. In my personal experience, if a design took me more than one week, usually it won't be good. Because it revealed that I was not sure what I was gonna make.


Some people liked my work a lot, some people not. I am not sure whether I am a good designer, but I am sure that I am a design who likes to design something special or at least different from other designers.



Tong Wen is a passionate and rational designer, artist, programmer and craftsman. User experience, user interface, website, visual identity, illustration, performing arts, hardware design, architecture, are all parts of her design experience. Exploration of the interaction of human beings and objects has never changed in her design process. Idealism is the engine pushing her to think beyond her limitation. Realism pulls her back to constantly implement and complete the idea. Stretching her thinking into diverse fields, she can see over the boundaries of design and discover a holistic solution or question-both crucial to an innovative and sophisticated design.

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