Maybe It’s an Elephant?

We designed a fresh branding material for our creative studio – abstract postcards, to have a new way to express our love and say thank you to our great clients. Project name was inspired by elephants, as they are so intelligent animals and they care for each other honestly. As we do the same about our clients.

Our design studio is based on minimal and abstract design style in graphics. So the idea was to find right shapes and colors to express attention. So that’s why shapes looks / feels so soft and smooth in a final result.

Our studio team were using Cinema4D to create unique shapes, lightning and object softness. Selected renders were edited in Photoshop adjusting colors, brightness and saturation. Every single postcard is truly handmade: printed, cut and written with personal greetings for every client.

We’re so happy, because we bring every single postcard by ourselves with handwritten personal note and the reactions were only positive. People still love the true honest things. That “old school” gift impress people more than any other business gifts.

Aivaras Simonis Studio

We’re a multi-disciplinary studio. Whatever we do, we do with a sense of minimal.