Mazda Miata

Sports coupe of the latest generation. The main decision of this project was the desire to find a new style of sketching, a unique technique for the embodiment of images of thoughts. I purposely tried to distance myself from the techniques of execution that I used to get new sensations and emotions from drawing.

Plastic forms were created under the inspiration of elements of nature – fire and water. Their fluidity, chaotic and at the same time harmonious movement and change of surfaces, lines. I paid much attention to the light, trying to catch a certain image, a sense of the moment, a flash, to give motion. Matter is most liquid, viscous organic, like a soaring silk fabric.

Handsketches / Photoshop
Quite a lot of time I can spend only on what would start the project with the emotion I need. Often this is the first page of any of my projects – its logo. Until I’m happy with it, I will not be able to handle the project in full measure.

I can track the number of people interested in my project, their comments and likes in Behance 🙂 … actually, only for this I can not make unambiguous conclusions. I guess that people are interested in seeing the history of the project from search to finale, which makes my project not popular enough, in the absence of the final product (model, animation, layout)

Pasha Makarov

Moscow / Russia