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Abhishek Biswas
October 18, 2018
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Today, the internet is made up of content that stems from users, not just created by them. But each piece of the content revolves around them. Everything we know to be viral originates from the users and viewers, giving them complete ownership over the time, space and the content.

Media, Entertainment, Arts WorldWide Meaww is one of the world’s fastest-growing media-tech companies with hubs around the world. They look to bring the best content from its global team of reporters on a platform technologically tailored to meet the needs of the modern reader. Meaww’s core vision is built on the three ’I’s: Insight, Intelligence, and Innovation.

As it's a News and Entertainment platform I want it to be clean Minimal. Search style is efficient so that people find the relevant content easier. In every category, there are multiple topics but to catch attention I highlight the biggest and the latest news.

Each brand color sets the tone for the content covered under it. The brand is for everyone and can be anything for users with a diverse set of tastes and preferences. Hence, the shades resonate in an inclusive way.

The colors are vibrant, energetic, fun and highly expandable device for the identity. Keep the design minimal I use a tint of the color to highlight categories.

The main tool I used is Sketch App, apart from that I used Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.

Design Process:

Analyzed project requirements with the Client and Senior Management and Led creating project scope. Collaborating with the Technical directors to create a potent strategy depending on the present state of the product.

Information Architecture (IA) Exploring and understanding different pieces of information in the product ecosystem and creating a new or optimizing an existing information architecture of a product.

Designing the core framework and wireframes of the product. Mentoring the Interaction designers to execute the product. This also includes regular design reviews and brainstorming sessions for enhancing macro to a micro experience of the product.

Collaborate with our team to driving the execution(design and development) and testing of the product. Working closely with the development team and regularly reviewing the developed product. Managed Visual design and development team for testing and reviewing the product.

With the first design, the brand facing heard time to keep the existing user. Heuristic evaluation to investigate the unknown usability issues with the current design we changed the entire user flow. Creating new wireframes for the screens. as a solution to all objectives. Changed User Interface and aesthetic design of all major & intermediate screens with the focus on neater, legible & fresh look.

We did a lot of user testing to find out that our strategies our hypothesis are actually workable in the real world. I learn new data point observation that derive the design to a whole new level. Thanks to the team I worked with they are supportive throughout the testing event.

Abhishek Biswas

I am an Art director
 with a focus on user experience and interaction.

I create & build digital products for people and brands.

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