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Meepshop Store Platform by Artem Mashirov

Meepshop Store Platform by Artem Mashirov

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January 27, 2016
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Meepshop is a big store platform, which help open you shop anything in minutes. This project is composed of a really great and unique team. UI/UX designer Artem Mashirov designed more than 15 pages from this project.

I worked on this design a long time ago. I have experience of over 4 years. I first started working at an institute, doing different sites with my friends, I also do a couple of different icons in my free time. After publishing my first theme on Theme Forest I decided to focus more on designing. So, I did some more themes, then I understood that I can do more good projects for my clients, so that's what I've been doing until now.
-Artem Mashirov

Artem Mashirov

For me, the inspiration came when I talked to Victor from Meepshop. He wanted a light and modern design and like a cookie macaron by colors. So I based the concept on simple, clever design and perfect content. My style includes minimal, usable sites and interfaces. When I discovered dribbble, I met a lot of designers, which inspired me and gave an impact on my style. I like it - light style and a lot of attention to details. My advice for colleagues is to always do better and constantly improve your skills.
-Artem Mashirov

More info about meepshop here:

About Artem Mashirov

Artem Mashirov is a 27-year-old web designer from Russia specializing on sites, landing pages and icons design. See more of his works on Behance.

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