Megabet – One Page Landing Design

This a one of my project of learning UI/UX. I tried to create something, that is unique and special. It was just a learning project from me. And mostly it’s a one page landing deign. One this one page design, you’re able to check details of a company, recent works, service works and to contact us section.

Last couple of years, there is a trend of “One Page Landing Design” From this trend, I thought that why I can’t a new one which will be an unique one. That’s the word behind to make this “Megabet” project.

To complete this full project, I use only Adobe Photoshop CC. And if I wanna to describe my full steps to create this work, it will take a long time. I just wanna to say that first I made some scratch on my paper board and thoughts for couple of days. After that I made a final scratch for the Megabet project. And finally I did it on great Photoshop platform.

After publishing my tiny project, I got some amazing response from my friends and senior brothers. And also got some great feedback from some of senior designer from the world.

This is one of my project, where I spend a lot of time to create it special. For this making it special, I learned a lot of things.

Najmul Rizvee

Hello reader!
I’m a person from Vancouver, Canada who always want to learn and try to make something special. I try to do some freelancing on my free time and whenever I get free time, I try to do as well as learning. Now I’m studying on UI/UX, andwant to go in deep of UI/UX.