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Membrane by Rodrigo Torres

Membrane by Rodrigo Torres

Honey Adraque
November 23, 2015
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“Membrane” is a contract chair, where the synergistic relationship between simplicity, ergonomics and technology is emphasized . It is presented as a versatile chair designed to enter the various environments of daily life, such as working, educational or domestic.

In “Membrane” we were looking for an object that merged concepts such as simplicity, beauty, comfort and flexibility. A product that was able to perform well in different environments either educational, working or domestic, always keeping in mind design values such as ergonomics, sophistication and style. I wanted to create an honest object, where its shape configuration came from the relation between its different elements. That’s the origin of the seat's form, that comes from the delicate resting of an upholstered membrane on the structure. I was keen on synthesizing the shape by using the less amount of shapes possible, achieving a chair characterized by its simplicity, sleekness and charm. The attention to every detail such as the stitching, the fabrics and the “invisible” system to fix the seat to the structure, speak of the quality and dedication present in all products from this important Japanese brand. Thanks to the smart technology that Cassina IXC has, we developed a soft breathable shell that merges several technical processes into one, allowing us to control the seat's softness and smooth shape, in order to give a pleasant interaction to our users and multiple color combinations for their different decorative needs.

- Rodrigo Torres


The configuration of the shape was inspired by concepts such as harmony, synergy and symbiosis. By joining dissimilar elements and relating them in a delicate and simple way, we leverage their expressive and mechanical characteristics, generating an object where comfort, simplicity and expressiveness are manifested in a sophisticated and comfortable product. The chair is formed by a soft plastic membrane that takes its shape from the metal structure in which it is supported.

- Rodrigo Torres


It took us one year from the first sketches to the final product. we first started with several prototypes until we were happy with the shape, the comfort and the technical solutions, then we started the production process, getting the first samples from the mold and focusing on all little details such as the fabrics, the stitching, the color combinations, etc.

- Rodrigo Torres


I worked on 3d studio Max and Alias for the rendering and surfacing of the product. The source of creativity is difficult to define, I've always been a creative person since I was little, it's a gift that one gets from birth, my mom says that the only way to keep me still (and out of trouble) when I was a little boy, was with color pencils and a piece of paper. My source of inspiration comes from life itself, the growing needs, strengths and challenges of mankind. I love the powerful metaphors and design opportunities that come from human behaviors and social rituals, the nature and its infinite magic, the new technologies and old production techniques. Architecture and arts, popular culture such as music, films, illustration and comics, play a key role to keep the brain happy and active.
- Rodrigo Torres

There are always challenges on every project that one faces, every single detail has to be thought well so our user gets the best product possible. We where having meetings to check the developing process almost every month, mostly video conferences with physical models delivered by mail.

- Rodrigo Torres


About Rodrigo Torres

Rodrigo Torres is an industrial designer specialized in product design. He has designed for internationally renown companies such as Alessi, Poliform, Oras, Cassina IXC, Nike, Microsoft Xbox and Zune (with MNML, USA), Miller (packaging design with IA Collaborative, USA), Domodinamica, Potocco and others. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile or website.

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