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Memento by Luka Klikovac

Memento by Luka Klikovac

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July 16, 2015

Luka Klikovac's project Memento aims to surprise viewer. In Memento, he wanted to draw attention to young people, to have them start thinking about concepts of life, death, time, transience. It was a really large project, with more than 100 people involved.. Mirror uses ten photos from the Memento series and gives "mirrored" image of every person in the photo. The idea was to show the differences of every single human being. Memento is cold, uniform, which represents the process of biological death which is same for all of us while mirror tends to show all of our differences, our, thoughts, wishes, tendencies etc.. Neither Memento nor Mirror are supposed too be observed as dark, morbid concepts, but as reminders of some life facts.

Since the dawn of civilization, in all cultures and societies, death means an ending. It accompanies us throughout our lives, it is unbiased, and its power is undeniable. It is exactly its power because of which it is usually displayed in various, mostly creepy, shapes and forms in literature, religion and art. Although it does not seem that way at first sight, the notion of death is terrifying to a modern man for many reasons, and his perception of life is completely dislocated. One of our ideals is the eternal youth. (Words by Jelena Matic)
-Luka Klikovac

portraits (5)

portraits (2)
portraits (1)


I always had a thing for time, transience etc... That is the reason why I got interested in photography in the first place. Photography is nice two-dimensional attempt of materializing time. So, with constant thoughts about time and transience, it came natural to create projects such as memento or mirror.
-Luka Klikovac


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Most important advice for artists would be not to follow current trends, but to follow their own flow.

-Luka Klikovac

About Luka Klikovac

Luka Klikovac was born in 1988 in Belgrade; graduated in 2012 from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Applied Graphics Department – Module Photography, under Professor Branimir Karanović. He participated in a large number of photo workshops and schools, organized by the Belgrade University of Arts.His main fields of activity are experimental photography and research in technical and creative areas of photography, but he is equally devoted to studio photography. He often uses abstraction in his works, and sometimes, in his series of conceptual photos, the composition is very strict, precise. See his complete project Memento, Mirror and more of his work at Behance/500px.

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  1. Very thought- provoking, if what you aimed for was to surprise the audience, only dead people wouldn't be surprise with Mementos :) Great project!

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