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Moy Lee
October 18, 2021

"Memories" is a series of my personal work.I plan to record 99 small things about my childhood and teen years.Actually I remember more than 99 things.I grew up in a small town.I had a very common childhood but all the common things were unique and unforgettable to me.

This idea was come up when I was very young.I wished I could draw many beautiful paintings for my hometown,family and myself.As I grew up,the childhood dream became bigger and clearer.Many images appeared in my mind.They were vague and old with vintage colors.So I used the brush with some textures and a palette of grey colors to show this feeling.I really like using light and shadow to tell a story and express my emotion.

I always used Photoshop.At the very beginning,I went back to my hometown for half a year in order to gather some memory fragments.I took lots of photos of my past houses,villages,schools,streets and etc..Then I made a list of the small things I could remember from my kindergarten period to high school period.I began with my favourite thing as well as the clearest picture that appeared in my mind thousands of times-reading books in a peaceful afternoon.Fortunately the first work went more smoothly than I expected.It was a good start.

I'm glad many people like it after publishing this project on the website.Some people said they were jogged the memory of their childhood.Some people had the same idea with me that recording their childhood.I hope more and more people can remember the beautiful small things occurred in their life.I feel a strong sense of happiness from this project and will keep up drawing more unforgettable moments in the future.

Thanks for watching!I'm glad to hear more response from you!

Moy Lee

A freelance illustrator based in China.Contact with me:[email protected].

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