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Mercado Central Guatemala

Mercado Central Guatemala

Pedro Herrera
March 11, 2018
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The Central Market of Guatemala, needed to be promoted so that it was visited by tourists. So an agreement was made between the Central Market and the University of San Carlos de Guatemala, which was called "El Trueque" in 2017. The students of the third semester of Graphic Design had to make proposals of logos for the market, being my proposal among the 3 finalists.

I needed to represent the Central Market through a logo. The market is the cultural center of the Guatemalan capital.
So I decided to use the initials M (market) and C (central) to be able to form an icon, somehow it occurred to me that I could train a woman sitting selling avocados, the characteristics are of a woman in a typical costume, since they are mostly those that sell in this market.
The M forms the body of the woman seen from above, and the C forms a basket.

I used Adobe Illustrator, I started to make free hand sketches of the initials, using common forms of the market, for example the M, is the way in which some vendors place the fabrics to display them, and the C, the rounded shape of the baskets, then I used a sheet with a grid to make the shapes better, when I had the fine idea, I started making the forms in digital until I got the final result.

People easily recognized the icon, they understood at first glance what it represented, they immediately related that it was a woman sitting with her basket of sales. My teachers and classmates adored the way the project was solved. This being one of the best logo proposals.

In the end, due to market issues, he never used any of the proposals, it only served as an academic exercise.

Pedro Herrera

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