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Mercurios by Grégory Buron

Mercurios by Grégory Buron

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July 14, 2015
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Ever experienced getting your bag lost at the airport? Such a hassle, right? With UI/UX Designer - Grégory Buron you won't have to worry about losing your bag. Mercurios aims to help people track their bags and easily locate them.

The Mercurios idea was born one week before the hack&fly hackathon (contest organized by Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and ADP) and was created in 48h with two java developers (Laurent Lumbroso & Ahmed Abou Zid). Mercurios is a friendly app. It has a simple function. First, you put a beacon (tracking sensor) in your luggage and then you create a new luggage inside the app & wait for notifications (including problems that can happen with your luggage). For example, if you luggage is at the good gate and the belt number at the conveyor. Mercurios also alerts you when your luggage leaves the airport! We have also created a luggage management inside the app. Indeed, we wanted an easy to use system; thus we have defined to make it look like a contact list.
-Grégory Buron


We would like to create a project for people who are « worried about losing their luggage during their travel, and to think of a new way of tracking the luggage in airports. In fact we think it would not be very useful having a real-time tracking map with a point localizing your luggage. Just some notifications at the right moments would rather be sufficient. We didn't want an app with many gadgets including lots of options or social network links. We just would a simple, easy to use and intuitive app.
-Grégory Buron



Never stop learning! Observe, explore as much as you can. Take inspiration everywhere. Work on stuff you feel passionate about. If you have an idea, work on it. Don’t let ideas at the step of ideas. Take a sheet of paper, write your idea on, think about it and if you have the time do develop it! Don’t forget that every brilliant projects begin with some written notes on a sheet of paper. But don’t make a design just for the action; find a goal or an objective.
-Grégory Buron

About Grégory Buron

Gregory Buron is a 25-year-old Designer from Paris, France. He specialized in UX / UI Design and love to think about concept, structure and interactions. Grégory is currently working for an eCommerce website and is improving his learning during his spare time with little projects or Freelance works. See more of his work at Behance.

One comment on “Mercurios by Grégory Buron”

  1. I would love this to happen in real life! It is such a pain and inconvenient to lose a bag at the airport. Also, I really like the interface -very neat and simple.

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