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Ksenia Ulanova
October 18, 2018
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Soft and funny illustration of the mermaid and the frog made in black and white sketching style. Inspired by myths and fairy-tales about mermaids. This project is important for me as an artist and for my illustration career as well. It was my first artwork in this style and it was pleasure to make it.

I have always loved mermaids and stories about them and also i am a huge fan of frogs! By the time i had started this project i had a terrible art block. To to this illustration i had have togo out my comfort zone and i was a little bit hesistating if i can do it. But bright and lovely image from childhood and one of my favorite animals somehow cheered me up. I am no longer afraid to step out thr comfort zone and try something new for me. I love it !

The project is made in sketching style in black and white because it meant to be simple, soft and universal, it has to keep freshness of impression and clarity of memories from childhood which is far behind.

Firstly i made a few simple pencil sketches and then i did it again in Adobe Photoshop. When i have chosen the final composition and poses, I redraw the final sketch with pencil-textured brush and then i made a tonal layer with watercolor-like brush.

Viewers liked the project. This illustration gave me a little self-confidence i really needed. I understiid what there is nothing scary about to broaden the boarders as an artist. It is not the most difficult artwork, but it is cozy and i feel satisfied when i look at it

More of my artworks you can see in my instagram (gikkw20) or me behance profile

Ksenia Ulanova

Hi! I am an illustrator based in Russia. I like working in different technique, but prefer digital illustration.

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