Mesa3, Center table

The project begins with the idea to create a piece of furniture that adapts do different kinds of people. Center tables work more like an exhibitor than an actual table, under that logic, Mesa3 is designed to exhibit variety of thing.​​​

Tha main concept was to create a piece of fourniture for young adult people in small places, their mainly need in a living room being to expose things with an emotional value that express personality. The form comes from several iterations, trying to get to a form that could cuddle various kinds of objects.

The main tool used on the design process was paper and pen, this lead to many iterations, some of them very different from the final product. Once the form was defined, it was modeled on Rhino 5 and built on Pine wood and iron.

I made an exercise:
I showed to many people the design but with noting on it, so people will tell me what kind of stuff the will put in a table like that, without any pre conception.
it hapens to be that people didnt see the table for one use only but for a lot of diferent stuff. in that way, the proppose of the furniture was acomplished.

Lorenzo Vega

Im a Industrial designer from santiago, chile, intrested in drawing, furniture and simplicity but allways considering the emotional side