Mexican Blum Guest House

With the Mexican Blum Guest House project we at the beginning wanted to research some new ways of scene management that we thought it might help us in the future. Also few weeks before this projects came to our table we got some new rendering equipment installed so that was great opportunity to test that as well. At the first place we were just trying to boost the scene poly count and see how we could handle that through proxy organization and scatter objects with some large 6K textures, but when it starts to shape in very nice way we decided to put some more effort in it and make some images for our portfolio.

Since in most of the cases our goal is to get the final image as realistic as possible the overall idea was to make all included parts of the scene more ordinary and natural, so after few hours of googling and gathering the references the Mexican house living style came up as best solution. Beside planting elements now we were able to make some “irregular” building geometry and its materialization together with secondary scene elements like pots, outdoor furniture and stuff like that.

For like 90% of our projects we use basic 3ds max, Vray and Photoshop workflow with some help from few plugins and specialized softwares like Marevlous Designer, Forest Pack, a bit from Zbrush or Mudbox for some hard surface creation and that’s about it. In case of the Mexican Blum Guest House the main role was given to 3ds max because like i mentioned before this suppose to be scene management research project, so we tried to get as much as possible from it. Regarding the actual production flow after loading the scene with geometry and after we realized that it might turns quite nice we just took few extra hours for better positioning of the cameras and removing the stuff that we didn’t need. There was some post work made in Photoshop but mostly for color corrections and overall brightness and contrast with some additional mood elements.

The respond that we get was actually very nice and we get even more results then we expected. We never thought that we might be able to use the images from this project in our portfolio so i could say the main thing that we learned from this is that you never know what can came up at the end if you try to push it even more with every next project, and that is main beauty of this job. The CGForge studio is very young studio and we are still trying to put us on the amazing arch viz map that exist right now. The opportunity to represent our work here is very huge thing for us and we are extremely grateful for that. I hope that there will be some more stuff in the future worth of sharing for what we will definitely do our best to keep it at least at the same level of quality like this project.

Srdjan Bogdanovic