Numerous ideas but in fact – only one. Universal architecture. This project was intended to be perfect for the Swedish coastline, a beach in Miami and a river meander in Poland. Miami stirred our imagination the most and it remained this way. We named the project Miami.

The best restaurants, resorts, hotels and SPAs make us accustomed with remarkable architecture. Our appetite grows and our taste becomes increasingly sophisticated. At the end, we start to desire the architecture for our own. This is a very positive process. This is the time when the imaginations begin to crystallize. When the investors consist of aware receivers of architecture, each newly-discovered place becomes an inspiration. Inspiration and motivation both.

We based on Alpen windows details, sophisticated design from 007 agent movies and our travels around the World.

It starded with simple sketches. Later on we started to work with more and more details building 3d models, CAD drawings and printing the model on 3d printer. Step by step we were closer to final stege. At the end we prepared visualisations to present our idea. Our philosophy.

Our clients, visitors of our website and fans on social medias like facebook or behance found our work inspiring. But in fact there was only one opinion that really matters to us in this project. It is opinion of it’s new owners. And they love their new house. That is the best recommendation we will ever have.

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Innovattio Architecture