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Nycollas Vargas
December 23, 2021
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A unique project, with an original theme, referring to space, with the use of more pastel colors that complement each other as a whole, with purple being the main color. The images were made with the aim of bringing warmth, the feeling of freedom, energy and joy, we seek to transmit such feelings through the colors and climate chosen for this purpose.

This render fully followed the color palette proposed by the person in charge of the architectural project, Isabella Fortuna.

the software used to develop the images were 3dsmax, Corona Renderer and Photoshop.

We learned that colors alone can bring various feelings to the same environment, together with an ideal climate, the possibilities are endless.

Nycollas Vargas

Hi, my name is nycollas vargas, i am a 3d artist, architect and urban planner. Today I work exclusively in the architectural visualization market, I have two years of experience in the area, serving architecture offices and real estate developers.

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