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Mid Autumn Festival Package Design

Mid Autumn Festival Package Design

September 24, 2021
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The Mid-Autumn Festival is an annual celebration and reunion celebration in Eastern culture. Chang-E, jade rabbit, mooncakes, etc. are all representative associations.

The design concept of “Blessing from The Moon Goddess,” adopts the spiritual and elegant characteristics of Eastern mythology to interpret the Moon Goddess’ gesture visually. At first glance, it is more than an ok gesture, and it also looks like a rabbit holding a plant in its mouth.

We have been thinking about how to express the symbol of the rabbit, so after collecting a huge amount of information, I decided to use gestures to strengthen my imagination of the rabbit.

Traditional Chinese mooncakes will have graphics stamped on the surface. In this project, blessing words: Reunion, Warmth, and other blessings will be stamped on the cake surface, which symbolizes the blessings from the moon goddess.

We use adobe illustrator and adobe photoshop to create.

After the project been released, many people were aware that, there are many interesting ideas and possibilities in traditional festivals. The overall color system adopts dark green, black, and mist gold to match with a calm tone, which distinguishes it from the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival, and contains an elegant atmosphere. Mixing Western text and Eastern illustrations to create Mid-autumn gift boxes with different cultural moods.

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