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miioPALETTE™ Mixing Palette by Gilbert Vasile

miioPALETTE™ Mixing Palette by Gilbert Vasile

Vasile Gilbert Florin
July 13, 2018
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miioPALETTE™ was inspired by a painter's palette, but it was designed for the dental lab. It was created out of necessity, becoming with time a product with functionality and style.
AIM: Our goal is to provide a product that distinguishes itself by functionality, style and feel. A product that tells our story, our efforts and our desire to contribute to progress.
IDEEA: The miioPALETTE™ was born because it was simply imperative. More and more research studies showed the need for equipment that simplified a technician’s operations and provided more working comfort. It was born out of a lab necessity and it evolved into a fashionably designed and ergonomic product

The main challenge was to improve the dinamics of the dental technician movements and to minimise the risk of mixing up the colors on the working plate. Among the materials tested for the palette, I tested metal, wooden, compositeand plastic boards, and it was really demanding to find the right material that can fit the ceramic colors.
The research and the development of the product was made in the dental technicians labs. The focus was on the ergonomy of the working space and on the moves the technician does to apply the ceramics, so this product was born out of necessity of a well organised and uncluttered working space, where the technician can put the colors in a specific order.

miioPALETTE™ project, started n 2013, aiming to help the dental technician to improve their work, 3 years the idea was tested and improved and in 2016 it was released for the laboratory usage. The palette was created and tested in dental technicians labs in Germany, Italy, USA, Costa Rica, Romania.

For a dental element the technician uses more colours of ceramics that need to be layered burnt. Everything should be well-organized. No more writing with a marker the name of the product that’s inside. miioPALETTE™ (Corian or Wood) comes with a sandblasted, detachable glass surface to mix the ceramic, perfectly polished, the surface is easy to clean. It has 9 wells to store the ceramic jars and an ergonomic brush holder. Miio makes the work faster and easier for the dental technicians.

Vasile Gilbert

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