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Milki Brand & Packaging Design

Milki Brand & Packaging Design

Alyah Holmes
October 11, 2022
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Creami. Tasti. Luxuri. Milki. Vibrant and luxurious fruit-filled milk chocolate bars with branding and packaging to match. Created as a passion project in response to a creative brief for a chocolate bar brand called Milki. I came up with a fun tagline and names for each bar following the "milki" theme, assigning each milk bar a fruit flavor, inspiring the look and feel.

Each bar flavor has a unique creamy and vibrant color & minimal illustration, featuring a melting chocolate effect & transparent window offering a peak at the colorful bars, serving as art themselves.

Milki was in response to a creative brief to make a chocolate bar brand & packaging with that name. I chose vibrant and creamy colors to keep the brand playful but luxurious, and transparent packaging to see the bars.

Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop.

I won an award from Favourite Design Awards for Packaging.

Alyah Holmes

Hi! I’m Alyah, an American and Canadian illustrator and designer. I love bringing concepts to life, evoking feelings and telling visual stories in a vibrant, playful and intriguing approach. My world of creativity adapts to all types of media, working with a variety of clients on diverse projects spanning editorial, commercial, advertising, packaging, branding, and publishing. I use bright and contrasting colors, bold lines, fun and organic shapes and subtle textures to bring people, scenes, food, culture, or whatever subject I come across to life. 

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