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Mimosa Kamakura | デリカテッセン鎌倉ミモザ

Mimosa Kamakura | デリカテッセン鎌倉ミモザ

Tomoko+Daisuke TSUBOTA
July 24, 2022
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Mimosa is a family-owned small deli and restaurant shop in Kamakura, Japan. They offer seasonal fresh daily dishes and hors d’oeuvre for near neighbors.
Fortunately for us, the shop owner found and liked a gift-box which we deigned for a local sausage shop. So that's why we received a request from them.

The idea was to create the brand of them like an illustrated novel to depict their story. This style is as usual for us.

The illustration depicts a scene of special treat in a simple life. Under the mimosa tree in full bloom, the couple are about to start a small garden party. You can see the sea trimmed by the wall in the back.

On the other hand, logo and some graphics are practically designed.
Bold customized logotype is designed to make an affinity for all ages. Some rhythmical graphics of cooking tools are made from the shape of logotype for consistency. Pale-colored graphics represent the character of the shop, kind and soft impression. And those are in contrast with the fresh coloring of illustration.

The line of illustration was drawn with a pen on a paper. Also the colors were painted on watercolor papers, or on transparent films to make some different textures. After scanning those, in photoshop, colors were masked and collaged along the line, and some areas were filled by flat colors.

The logotype and all graphics were sketched with a pencil, and adjusted in more detail in illustrator(adobe).

This project resulted in success. We like this design and the shop owner love it, and of course, customers will love it (and it actually happened). Because the client shows it as a special thing for them. And also we do, we show it online as our favourite project (and it was picked up on this “”).

We always thought, and also learned from this project, the most important thing for each design project is to like and to be loved between design team and the client team. It’s easy to say, hard to do.

Tomoko+Daisuke TSUBOTA

Tomoko is an illustrator. She draws what she can draw, on her own way. Daisuke is a graphic designer. Also he writes words, texts and scenarios.
They are living and working in a little house stands on the hill-side, at the southeast edge of main island of Okinawa. After dark, they don’t work as much as possible.
They stroke two cats, see the ocean from the window, cook own meals, read novels and watch movies. They walk and jog along the beach. They often go to their favourite cafes. It is something like that.

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