Mini Medical Kit

Managing a well organized medical kit as a student away from home has always been a task. KEEP, the medical kit, not only provides a well organized kit for medicines but also provides an additional provision of tallying your symptoms and taking the medicines accordingly. Put inside a sleeve ( external packaging) the medical kit is divided into three boxes (internal packaging) according to three main basic ailments: Flu, stomach and first aid. Each box has a panel listing symptoms for different illness printed on the lid . The medicines are further organized inside the main boxes into compartments according to the different symptoms.
The main boxes can be stacked up inside the sleeve (external packaging )or can be carried as separate boxes.
It aids you to treat your basic ailments on your own. It can be carried by students to the college, for camping etc. and can be packed by moms with their kids who are going away from home for the first time.

As a college project it was required to create a packaging and the first challenge or issue that came to my mind was managing a well organized medical kit and the accessibility of using it without the help of anyone incase of basic or not so serious ailments. Our friends, classmates and family also seemed to share similar issues.We started off with shortlisting the basic and the most common ailments that could be dealt at a personal level given a little help with the symptoms and right ways to distinguish between different ailments.To relate to the target audience more and to reduce the monotony of the issue, the illustration style chosen was pop art and was addressed with some humour in it.

I used Adobe Illustrator to create the basic dyeline of the packaging and the artwork that went on all the surfaces. Later, fusion 360 was used to create a model of the packaging and keyshot to render the final product.

I got a positive response since it was a problem majorly faced by all the students and since it helped them deal with it in a simpler way. Since it is compact, easy to carry , organizes the medicines and is also a guide which makes it more desirable. Through the project it helped me understand how to deal with an existing problem keeping in mind the kind of audience that is targetted.

Mana Majboor

I am an aspiring Designer/ artist pursuing my career in Graphic Designing from MIT Institute of Design, Pune.
My inspirations lie in the day to day life incidences and the emotions they instil in me. Colours have always been a medium to describe my emotions in a profound way. My work is a mix of hand done illustrations and digital work. As an adventure seeker and a sportsperson , I have always tried being on the risk taking edge.