Minimal / Europe

My project is based in minimal photographs, the photos are in black and white, were taken in different countries during my trip for Europe (Berlin, Florence, Paris, Amsterdam and England). These show the modern architecture combined with animation. These show perspective, angles and geometrics.

I love the minimal style! it is an expression that I want to show by photographs. The black and white photographs always have caught my attention. During my trip for Europe I saw different ways how the architecture can be expressed.

First I selected the best photographs, then the photos were become in black and white, these were edit by lightroom software, lastly the photos were passed to Photoshop, this way I could made a collage and gifs.
Tools: Camera Nikon D7100.
Software: Lightroom and adobe Photoshop.

The instagram community show a pretty good response with the minimal style. It is a recent project, I learned new proposes and angles of the photograph, also it is the first time that I have use the animation in my photos.

Javier Sánchez

Graphic Designer born in Celaya, Gto. Mexico, he loved his childhood and adolescence in the city of Jerecuaro, Gto. developing different skills and hobbies like playing the drums, foot-ball and illustration, with some interest in photography. Since he was young he had a particular interest by the music gender indie, he went to many gigs and festivals of this gender in Mexico.

At the age of 17, he decided to go to the university to get te bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design in the university DeLasalle Bajio in Leon, Gto. inspired by the graphics and the visual effects. At the present time, he has a passion for the architecture, photography, editorial design, fashion, film and video edition.

As a Graphic Designer he is characterised by his knowledge in tendencies, fashion, graphics and colours; conducting works of photography, editorial design, and video edition.