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Minions Website by Lukas Zajic

Minions Website by Lukas Zajic

Jon Paylaga
August 20, 2015

This project was made after I saw the Minions movie in cinema. I fell in love with these little yellow guys and they makes me laugh every time I see them. It took few minutes to find out if there is any website or concept presenting the movie but I found nothing. That was the first step when I said “Okay, I need to do something like this!" The making of this site wasn’t like making a normal project with hours of sketching, thinking and prototyping the whole thing. I just sat down on the sofa (while watching the simpsons) and take few hours to make this happen. The aim was clear - just create some concept site presenting the movie, tell a few words about minions and make people want to go to see it.

-Lukas Zajic


Because I’m a big fan of simple and clean design, this was the same case. Not so huge website with a lot of paragraphs and other shit but just simple landing page with great use of colors and typo. Fortunately I also found some great images of minions in good quality.
After 3 hours the design was done. I’m sure there is a lot of things I could do better now or improve the whole site but I’m kind of satisfied with the ending and as I see, other people are as well. After posting to dribbble and behance, this shot became my most popular image through dribbble and gets a lot of attention. I know that for other guys there is 100+ likes normal or even nothing but for me it’s something great and I see that making some project for fun could be really beneficial. I don’t want to say that likes are everything but the feedback and attention is the thing and more likes = more attention :)

-Lukas Zajic

About Lukas Zajic

Lukas Zajic is a 21 year old web and brand designer from Czech Republic currently working as a freelance web designer. He studied at High school of applied cybernetics (Graphic design) and that was the first place when he get in touch with design. During the second year high school he started working as a freelance designer and at the beginning he did everything he could - from business cards to event posters, car stickers and other shitty things. But actually this really helped him to try all kinds of design work but web design is the one he want to focus on. Every single project is something special for him and he is trying to learn as much as he can. He's not a fan of overused layout but he like trying new things, experimenting with new grids, typo, colors and other. If you want to see his work, you can visit his personal website or Dribbble and Behance profile.

3 comments on “Minions Website by Lukas Zajic”

  1. Quelles super idée, c'est trop mignon, j'adore le film, et c'est super qu'un fan réalise ce site web. Le résultat à l'air vraiment bien fait.

  2. Very cool! I am admittedly not a fan of the Minions franchise, but I do respect good animation when I see it and if it wasn't good it wouldn't be so popular! Hats off to the creator of this website, too. I am always impressed by people who can create tasteful and aesthetically pleasing websites, because I sure can't!

  3. This is too cute! I have just watched the film in the big screen.
    My animator friend is friends with Kyle Balda (creator of Minion) and he really did a good job! :D

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