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Tanya Losieva
April 6, 2022
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"Mintery" is a private apartment suite for a young family located in Kyiv, Ukraine.
Year of realization 2022.
Project area 120 sq.m.

The idea of this interior design was dictated by space itself: well lighted, good shape of the room, combined kitchen and living room, big windows with a grand panorama of Kyiv.
So we wanted to keep the filing of unity with the city, but brought to this space cozy aesthetics of modern life style living.

Mint, taupe beige, blue, terracotta - the main colors of the interior.
Also we wanted to use natural materials: wood, concrete, ceramic tiles, linen.
Many soft textures. Many exotic plants.

A unique solution was to united modern interior trends furniture or lighting with notes of oriental culture of housing.
And our clients really liked it.

Tanya Losieva

More than 5 years I head my own interior design studio OSOBA, based in Kyiv, Ukraine.
Our studio create design projects of houses, apartments, offices with their "unique faces"

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