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Gaile Martin
June 13, 2016
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There are certain parts in the city that you absolutely adore. A sculpture in front of the central banks building, those gorgeous doors of your neighbor's house, or that modern bench in the park. However, some of them are placed, located in such areas that the surroundings steal half of the charm away. I wanted to misplace them, move them out, and find just a perfect spot satisfying my imagination.

The style and the colour scheme of this project was highly inspired by minimalism, which in my perception is usually rather cold than warm, with lots of white and space in it. My minimalism would never have a cloudy sky for example, as a result, the sky had to be replaced and coloured according to my vision.

This project was created as a digital collage - cutting out the objects and placing them into a different environment. Adobe Photoshop is an unbeatable tool for this. The important part of this project was matching the lighting of the buildings, sculptures with the one in the selected environment. Therefore I really had to pay attention of what time of the day I'm choosing, what's the weather forecast.

It may sound boring or plain, however I've really learned that imagination has no limits. I've moved those architectural pieces back an forth, from one location to the other, there was no end for hours. It's fascinating what a different mood and overall feeling the combination of certain elements develops.

Gaile Martin

I am Gaile Martinenaite – architecture and lifestyle photographer based in the Netherlands. I grew up in Lithuania and currently I am fulfilling my personal and professional goals working in Enschede.

I started in 2010 and have been working on a variety of projects, including fashion, corporate, interior photography, as well as enjoying creating family and personal portraits. My curious nature is constantly seeking new places, new people, new experiences and challenges. Consequently, that is what defines my working style as well.

The main goal of mine is the balance of details and emotions in the picture. I love depicting the reality with a spice of magic intimacy, where you experience the moment as if you are a part of it.

It does not matter how much I have seen or done, there is always a next moment, a vision waiting to be captured, whether it is your commercial or personal aspiration. At the end of the day, it is all about a satisfying result, stories told, emotions expressed, atmosphere created and secret dreams fulfilled.

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