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Modern Apartment

Modern Apartment

Amr Moussa
November 3, 2016
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In this design I tried to follow new simple trends of design so i used a monochromatic theme ( white,black and wood) which it make simple and elegant atmosphere. The furniture I used in this design mostly from B&B Italia , BoConcept , flos and Tom Dixon, I recommend their furniture to everyone beside vitra , cassina , minotti and poliform

I used many references of modern apartments from the internet , after analyses i found that their is new trends of modern design one of them is monochromatic. Open spaces one of the new trends I used in this project with some column design treatments to make the feel that their is no columns in this apartment. I used 3 colors in this design - White to make the design simple, Black makes contrast and add elegant to the design, lastly. wood make natural effect.

I used 3ds max, Auto cad, Marvelous designer , vray and Photoshop , I started with autocad as usual to clean drawings for 3D modeling in 3ds max, I used spline model technique in 3ds max it is simple way I just start everything with splines before adding any modifier so you can go back if something go wrong. I used floor generator and multi texture to make floor, the other materials is simple vray materials and I modified furniture materials to blend it with design colors.
For lighting I used simple vray light at windows to make white simple effect i want, Finally i used Marvelous designer to make curtains and Photoshop for color correction and post production .

I received good comments on Instagram and project appreciation from top designers which makes me satisfied for that, this project is just a start for me I know I am not there yet but I am working hard to be better

Finally I want to say thanks for all and i hope you find this helpful for you.

Amr Moussa

I am RIBA certified Architect with more than 4 years experience in architectural/interior design and 3D visualization.

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