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Modern Bedroom

Modern Bedroom

Sagy Abo Elenein
January 6, 2023
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Master Bedroom

Area: 9m
Year: 2022
Design & 3D Visualization: Sagy Abo Elenein
Software: 3DMax - Corona Renderer - Photoshop

The client had requested a simple and quiet bedroom design that tends to warm with some gray colors, and therefore I started thinking about a simple modern design with some gray colors, and I inserted wood in the back of the bed to give a feeling of warmth because wood always gives a warm vibe to the place, then I also added mirrors at the back of the bed to give A shape and a sense of spaciousness for the room space.
Also, I added a frame at the end to complete the picture, and the final shape of the bed’s background is done to become a shape that catches the eye with symmetry, mixing colors with wood and a frame in the middle as well, in order for the design to be simple and not crowded.
This was the only wall that had a design while the other walls are simple and contain only paint colors, and the right wall has a dresser with a mirror, which also gives shape and breadth to the room.
The cupboard was chosen to be white in color to give a sense of spaciousness in the room. The client’s request was that it be a solid cupboard and not transparent glass like Dressing room.
Moreover, the bed fabrics colors I used brown and gray colors to match the colors of the room.
One last piece of information: the wall behind the bed is only dark gray, while the other walls are light gray to give a feeling of contrast and so that the entire room is not dark in color.

At first, I went to the client's apartment to take measurements, then I started drawing the apartment on the AutoCAD program, then furnished it, then I entered the 2D drawing into the 3dsMax program for 3D design and using the corona renderer to produce the design in the most beautiful shape and accuracy.

Every design I do, I learn something new from it and impart information and experience that I did not know before that will benefit me in future projects.

Everyone who saw the design liked it, and the client was very happy when he saw it, so he said to me, "I was imagining a shape, but you came out with a much more beautiful design than what I imagined." And this was the best respond I got from this design.

I wish you liked the design of the bedroom.
Let me know your feedback if you like the design.

Sagy Abo Elenein

Interior Designer

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