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Modern Family House

Modern Family House

Polina Feofanova
January 30, 2021

This small modern home is spacious enough to comfortably fit a small family without eliminating any important parts of a house. This cozy home consists of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room with kitchen, a small laundry space, and a wide terrace for a family barbeque.

Transforming shipping containers into housing is a trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Durable, portable, stackable, and plentiful, shipping containers are pretty easy to come by. Cozy interior of this building is filled with modern furniture and loads of floor-to-ceiling windows that let the natural light shine in. No matter where you look and what style it might be, wood, white and concrete as a color scheme is becoming the most preferred choice among designers.

I started with a space planning ton a base of my customer's basic measurments. In the interior design process space planning is the first thing to do. Every interior design project begins with an assessment of a room’s functional deficiencies, so then the elements can be manipulated to fit people who live or work there.
TOnce the plan was approved I created a 3d design and visualizations of the whole space, interior and exterior.

This is an extencive and fascinating project made for my Canadian customer. It includes several design projects of shipping container houses. Every project is made for different kind of a small or bigger families, considering all the needs and preferences of each one. It was a great and a very interesting experience.

Polina Feofanova

Hello, I’m Polina (Poli), founder of the Polilinea project and a certified interior designer and illustrator with 12+ years of experience. After graduating from Moscow Architectural University, I worked at various architectural and furniture Russian and international companies (such as Vitra), and several Moscow leading architectural & interior design practices. As a part of my career development, I worked across different sectors including hospitality, residential property and retail.

I started my freelance career in 2015 working with customers from all over the world through Upwork, Freelance and other online platforms.

In 2019 I started my illustration and graphic design career. I specialise in watercolour paintings and custom illustrations creating a unique combination of dreamy pictures and modern graphic design.

I travel a lot and found home in three different countries: Russia, Argentina and Brazil. I get inspiration from my travels. I can speak Russian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Whether your project is for new or existing home, I can provide customised design solutions tailored to your needs, budget and lifestyle.

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  1. How tall are the ceilings in this design? They look like 9', but because the depth is pretty short I can't tell if it's an illusion.

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