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modern hall family

modern hall family

Alaa Khodera
May 3, 2021
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This project is one of my favorite The project site is a villa in Saudi Arabia. The project of our company, Four Design.
client has already started finishing this family hall, and the main requirement is the consistency of the colors and design with the materials that were used in the finishing. I guess that's the point where I actually ran into the difficulty

The colors were already present and the wood claddings were in some of the walls, and my task was to combine them with my design and make it harmonious

autocad - 3dmax - photoshop

It was a very beneficial experience for me. I have learned how to bring out a beautiful design even if there are elements of it already present that have been chosen by the client.

I really liked the combination of the warm colors with the wood material with the glass partition with the golden accents. Also the idea of separating the space and dividing it into two sessions using glass partions. The special session with the distinctive coffee corner.

Alaa Khodera

I graduated from Al-Azhar University, Faculty of Engineering, Architecture Department, Cairo, 2018, with an appreciation of excellence for the graduation project, which was a project to develop the heritage and historical areas in the Bab Zewaila area.
I worked for two years working in exterior, modern and classic facades.
The work is now late in the interior design work
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