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Modern Kitchen

Modern Kitchen

Youssef Wael
September 20, 2017

- The Project is a Design for kitchen belongs to villa in Egypt.
- The kitchen already exists in one of the cities in Egypt.
- This design has been done by 3 programmes : Photoshop , AutoCad and 3Ds Max.
-The design is drawn by autocad and design the model by 3ds max and render the finally shot by vray and edit it by photoshop to post production

This design project by the mood as the customer and form template to clients since this year 2017. So it's a Villa that combines modern and classic taste with open space, suitable for a family kitchen design shows. You choose the colors and materials and distribution purposes used as a refrigerator and freezer and cooker by designer and characteristically uses were distributed and comfortable to use , This kitchen is designed in a large period exceeded 5 days but finally we Note the amazing result,I love modern interior design and very good. I search every day about what's new. This design contains natural materials, like wood flooring. White lighting was used and the general mood and quiet yellow suitable for customer's mood. Dining table white wood mixture with black metal and is a sophisticated modern design. And I added some accessories to give a sense of realism and use as food and some pots and modified on materials and lighting to give the feeling that realism.

The Software I used is AutoCad 2017 , 3Ds Max 2015 , v ray 3.5 and Photoshop to edit on finally render
At first I saw some beautiful designs and I do like them one day and already learned a lot and I saw a lot of videos for interior design on those programmes and my level was fairly weak, but with continuous training has reached this level.

People's reactions were referring to how much he admires the design you are happy to work on this project and then share it with other people. And a lot of positive opinions have been sent to me, and it is very encouraging to me even better designs produced later.,. I accept any opinions and reviews.

I would like to advice for readers that want certain works should aspire to something where you would love to get to that level, relied on myself, and I saw a lot of design until I do the design and I like to mention the need to design a space programs before starting to implement it on the ground where the customer can Imagine where he is going to look like. Thanks for your attention

Youssef Wael

I am a Student in the Faculty of Applied arts, studying in the Department of Interior Architecture and Decoration like the design and drawing programs like Photoshop, Autocad and 3Ds Max

2 comments on “Modern Kitchen”

  1. Hi wael,
    we need to renovate our kitchen,
    and i like your design,
    so will you communicate with a reply , so we can arrange a meeting ?

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