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Modern Life is Rubbish

Modern Life is Rubbish

Juyong lee
September 1, 2016
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'Hello Mr Misang' is my new big project.
Mr Misang(means 'anonymous' in Korea) & his friends are in every illustration and you can find them!

The first place is world of 'money, work, competiton'. In this world, workers have no feeling, except for Franken AJE.
(AJE means 'old man' in Korea. Sarcastic word)

Misang and Franken AJE want to ruin this city, and give freedom to every workers.
After that, they will travel into another worlds, and make another new friends.

The big concept was came from "Where's Waldo".
There was pop-up store exhibition about "Where's Waldo" at Hyundai Department store.
In that time, I was in slump for several month. I couldn't decide what to draw. And I saw that exhibition and thought :
'Wow, the concept - tiny characters are hiding in very complex world - can be fit for my artwork!'

So, I started to make sort of series.
Misang and his friends are in every illustration, and you can find them.
When travel gets longer, Mr Misang will meet another new friends.

The small title, "Modern life is a rubbish" is came from album title of rock band, "Blur".
I liked blur's fin de siecle mood.
(There's no other way, To the end, End Of A Century....)

Sure at old days, I drew illustrations with pen on paper, scan it and colored with photoshop.
But now, I'm making illustrations with 100% photoshop. Because I bought Wacom Cintique 27",
and I think I can draw digital lines that similar to pen on paper.

There's no special method. I make idea sketch at any papers, and finish with photoshop. That's all. ?

I didn't have any conviction that world-wide publics are understand concept of this project
and what I want to say. But thankfully, Many of them understood social critiques of this project.
Now, I have conviction to continuing this project. I always longing to work not just in Korea but worldwide freelance illustrator, it's very important respond. Thanks all. Really.

I'm preparing some poster's to sell, and emoji's, and 2nd solo exhibition.
But I can't tell you any details at this point. I'll make more and more illustrations about
Misang's travel, and then I can show you side project one by one.
Thanks all, and please keep in touch with my illustrations. I'll do better at every new drawing! ?

juyong lee

Freelance illustrator based on South Korea.

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