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Modern Roof solution illustrations

Modern Roof solution illustrations

Karol Deręgowski
March 27, 2019
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This set of graphics illustrates of a structure used for roofs used in home extensions. For a deeper construction or for more light there are roof windows used on top of it, or aluminium dome systems. Here my work comes to illustrate how construction and roof window and/or aluminium domes are composed together.

The choice of three dimensional like presentation seems straight forward for showing architecture. Colours, are neutral and rather calm as they serve as illustration within the context of often busy texts describing it in catalogues or other form of publishing and advertisement.

The process starts with deep analyse of actual constructions solution. I used Photoshop, Illustrator, b3D as a software that helped produce this graphics. I was inspired by cut section that are often used as way to illustrate frame of the window and doors system. Those images use this kind of depiction to show the audience what is hidden from the outside to put emphasise at engineer solutions that are hidden in the shapes and functions of profiles.

I got mostly a positive reaction as sometimes picture can be worth more than hundreds of words. It is convenient to describe often new solution by visualising them as those products disruptive solutions mean little to nothing for the people. This are innovative solutions after all. Picture is that format that humans quickly relate to through experience of seeing similar depiction in the past. That way the idea of construction is understand even without specialised knowledge.

Karol Deręgowski

Graphic designer

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