Modern Villa’s Ground Floor Interior Design

The main concept of this design is to create a modern yet cozy design for this family villa, i achieved this using colors, furniture and lighting. The furniture I used in this design project was mostly from BoConcept, minotti and poliform.

The space is made for a family so as I mentioned I had to think of a cozy warm design so I thought of choosing the right colors for the mission I chose green because it adds more of a natural peaceful look communicates luxury and elegance as in the jewel. Also, it communicates very well with the outside environment “a huge garden with a pool” so the greens inside talk with the greens outside.

The smoothness and the modernism of the furniture. I used a glass partitions on the kitchen so it won’t be directly connected with the rest of the space giving the kitchen it’s privacy yet a big window to create a view for the kitchen for the dining it’s a minotti buffet with a customized design for the table. The indirect light and spots for the night will gave an amazing calming effect and the windows will gave you amazing day light at day.

I used first autocad to draw my space as a 2d plan then I imported it into 3ds max and started on doing my project using 3ds max, Vray and solidrocks “a 3ds max plugin for rendering” as I finished I used Photoshop for post production.

The client loved it, I got lots of views and appreciations on behance, actually the client gave us more work because of that project it was such a hit for me. It was kind of my first time to produce a modern design so I’ve learned a lot about the brand of furniture, fabrics and accessories

I’ve done this project all by my own, designed and 3d modeled and rendered by me but i’ve done it while working at con creative office.

Radwa uosri omr

I’m Radwa uosri from Egypt, an architect , interior designer and 3d visualizer,with passion for 3ds max , presentations and everything that involves my career.
I used to be an aiescer ,
I think i can make a difference in interior design specially
i currently work at co-creative office, Egypt and a freelancer as well
this is my official online portfolio at behance
graduated from faculty of fine arts Helwan University, Egypt
In love with my job aka my passion in life ,when it comes to work i’m a geek and proud!