MODIBAG, compound word for ‘Modify’ and ‘Bag’, has just one size and pattern. But user can modify its size, shape, and form to suit one’s taste by folding and tying.
There are components(strap, strings and guidebook) in the package. So, users just follow the guide book at first time. But if they’re used to making, they can make new collections without guide book or video.

When I started this project, I felt problems in too many products are produced and thrown away by trend quickly. So, I want to make the design which can be used for a long time. So I was looking unlimited potential with various contents. That’s why I choose the keyword “Platform” for this project.
Bag has features of fashion (which is the most active user participation) and product. So, “A bag acting as a platform” is title in this project.
For this, I made “Algorithm Pattern” and “Foldable Fabric(leather) Production Technology(PCT patent).”
Through the project, eventually, I hope contents (bag, tent, space, & etc.) are created by users as well as becoming a culture itself.

I keep drawing and making by hand from beginning to end a lot. And I use Rhino and illustrator for detail modeling and floor plan. Next, I discuss with production manager. This process repeats endlessly until the design comes out.

In common, people are amazed and amazed. And, especially, this project is receiving much attention from the relevant fields (designers, editors, brands and etc.).
Actually, I really learned and learning a lot from this project. One of them is thought about the position of designer (or brand) between the right design and the commercial design.

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Feel free to ask me anything.

Thank you so much.

Sungmook Lim

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: Korean Minister of Design and Industry Award
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