Modul. project is a product to enjoy the ride on the water, discover the nature in a simpler way, alone or with your friends! It’s a mix between a kayak and a stand up paddle. It can have the simplicity of using a kayak and the fun of stand up paddle!

Water is part of my life, I grew up in Tahiti, where I learned to kayak and to do stand up paddle. By looking at people stuck in their kayak and unstable people on their stand up paddle, I said to myself “how to bring, the simplicity of the kayak and the freedom and fun of the stand up paddle? There you go! Modul has arrived! Regarding colors and the shape, I wanted to make a product “sport”. I was inspired by the water waves and I applied dynamic colors.

First, I thought about a scenario with people on lakes or on lagoons. I drew to find the shape, diagonal lines to give the dynamic inspired by leaves. Then I reworked the proportions to get a product with dimensions between the kayak and the stand up paddle to have a concrete package.

Once I had all the elements (foldable seat, paddle, valve, eva PAD …), I worked the technical plans on Illustrator, 3D on Solidworks, rendering on Keyshot and the presentation on Photoshop.

I suggested this product to several people, they looked interested and they would like to try it! But I know that there remains work for the foldable sitting part, it would still have to prototype, calculate the stiffness and flexibility of the seat to keep the folding and storing side of Modul. People think that it would facilitate the learning of the stand up paddle for the beginners and allow to make longer walk on water.

Most of my projects are born by the interaction between people and their environments. For me it is important to design useful and sensitive products offering a new experience.

Alix Brassart