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Moist Moguls logo (concept)

Moist Moguls logo (concept)

Jordan McLean
March 14, 2023
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Recently it was revealed that Moist Esports, in collaboration with Mogul Moves, would be forming their first Valorant team, the Moist Moguls.

So to celebrate this I created this logo concept.

I tried to create a logo that speaks to both the Moist Esports as well as the Mogul Moves brands.

The mascot, and main icon, for the logo is a personified water droplet. The water droplet signifying Moist Esports and the character (and fleischer-esque style of the character) is very Mogul Moves.
The typography is similar to the Moguls Moves typeface, with the M made to look more like Moist Esports and to further show the Moist Esports I made the counter space of the O into a water droplet.
Finally, the colours combine blues from Moist Esports with Mogul Moves' red.

I probably ended up leaning more toward ‘mogul’ than ‘moist’, but I think that’s fine since the Valorant team was more of a Mogul Moves idea anyway.

Initially did some sketches in procreate for the water drop mascot/ character and for the logotype (the type was a modified version of 'Florentina').
When I was happy with the sketch I imported it into illustrator and vectorised it.
The last step was going into photoshop and putting it in some mockups.

This was just a 'for fun' project so I haven't received feedback, but I'm pretty happy with it at least

Jordan McLean

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