Mojave Gas Stations

This project came to my attention after driving past multiple gas stations in the city of Mojave. On one street all withing a short distance of each other are 8 or so gas stations. I would drive by these everyday until one day I thought I might as well photograph these places because each one was a little unique and different.

I came up with this idea after being curious about the various gas stations and the people that attended them day after day. I tried to make the photos as real as possible (matching what my eyes saw) It was at night, something different, I usually photograph during the day.

I used a Fujifilm XT3 camera to take the photographs. Gas stations are not all that interesting, so I tried to observe the gas stations and show them in the most interesting way as possible. What I liked most was what the lighting had to offer in the gas stations and the unique people and occurrences that surrounded each one. Photos were edited in Adobe Lightroom, later I made the photographs into digital paintings, which you can see on my portfolio website along with my other work at: I mostly liked going out at night taking photos, it was fun.

There has not been much response as with most of my projects because there are so many photographers in the world, my small circle always admires my work and more than anything I am satisfied in doing what I do. What I learned from this project was that you have to learn how to photograph everything for the first time to become good at it, no matter what that may be. There is always that time to become comfortable with a subject before the photos become spectacular…

Brian Wangenheim

Brian Joseph Wangenheim is a multi-talented artist with skills in photography, web design, print design, SEO, marketing, video production and creative projects.